Run on Sun Campaign Update - September 2015

The Government's proposal to reduce the solar feed-in-tariff by 87% means our campaign to put solar panels on schools is on now on hold. We believe it isn't fair to waste the schools’ time if solar panels will be financially unviable. Therefore, all meetings with schools are to be postponed until after the government consultation and review.

One school, however, is still interested in going ahead with a 20kw system if Sheffield Renewables are able to finance it. Julie from Sheffield Renewables has to get the go-ahead before the feed-in-tariff changes.

Friends of the Earth estimate that around 20,000 jobs are at risk because of the steep reductions in the feed-in-tariff.

The sub-group needs more support as there is only Richard and Julie from Sheffield Renewables at the moment. Maddie, Kate and Richard to organise another meeting for this sub group.

If you haven't already signed the petition then you can do so here: