Other News - September 2015

Green Commission Update
Beatrice has sent out the Green Commission documents to some of the active campaigners. She would like us to read the documents and give feedback on any points we disagree with/anything missing. Feedback is needed by the end of September for a final draft in October.

Audacious Goal
Friends of the Earth want to sum up the organisation in one sentence. They have sent us a questionnaire to be completed by 30th September which can be done outside of our normal monthly meeting.

Electronic Communication
There was a recap of the different methods we use to communicate with each other and the general public. We have:

  • An activists' email list with around 31 people on it.
  • A general email list of supporters with around 105 people on it.
  • Our Facebook group has 65 members and our newly launched Facebook page has 24 likes.
  • Our Twitter account is doing really well with 223 followers.

This means we are communicating with over 400 people.

It was mentioned that the information on Friends of the Earth's website which links to us wasn't very informative when compared to groups like Manchester. Hayley will contact Carla at national Friends of the Earth to update it.

Litter Pick
Trisha suggested doing another litter pick in the near future. Shaun commented that any litter pick should be done in conjunction with other groups of people (churches, mosques, businesses, scout groups etc). For example, if we did a litter pick with the staff from a cinema it would enable us to discuss issues like putting solar panels on their roof and ways they could minimise disposable packaging. Working with people from a mosque allows us to get the message across to people we might not normally get to talk to.