Habitats Update - August 2015

Smithy Wood
20th October is the deadline for the planning application to build a motorway service station on the ancient Smithy Wood. David is to write to Department of Environment's Leeds office asking why the Environment Secretary gave no objection for the planning regulations. These are ancient woodlands and cannot just be dug up for a service station and we cannot be placated by the promise of more trees being planted elsewhere. Cowley has asked that it be given Village Green Status but this has not been accepted yet. There are links to a shell company in Jersey which has not been made public but needs to be highlighted to the press and politicians (in case there are any links or clash of interest). David is to contact Angela Smith MP and Penistone and Stocksbridge FoE to see if they have been in contact. Could we ask for a FOI to ask what meetings have taken place with the Environment Agency?