Food Update - August 2015

Fran from Friends of the Earth head office came to outline the campaign with lots of new ideas and listened well to our suggestions. There is a food strategy document to be sent round.

Food sustainability is to be linked with the universities; working with students, eating less meat, less waste. Working with university suppliers e.g. university of Sheffield has all its milk from Our Cow Molly (local dairy farm so reducing carbon food miles. We not only have to look at the policy but educate the staff and students at both universities.

We could investigate the council’s work on its Food Strategy. How low do we score on the Sustainability Food Score? Perhaps we could also contact People and Planet at both universities. SHU has an environmental committee who could help too. Beatrice and Hayley to contact.

There is a launch date in December. We are asking for costumes: John to organise this. Hayley is to send round notes when the information has been formalised. There is an online mapping tool from Friends of the Earth head office which could be useful but it might be that our own map could be better: could Shaun help with this?

Next meeting 2.9.15 - 6:30 Red Deer Pub