Stalls Update - July 2015

The last two stalls were very good. However, the layout at the last stall (Beighton) would have been improved if the table that was at the back of the gazebo had been at the front. It was also felt that there were too many people inside the stall. It is better not to have too many people on the stall at any one time, where possible.

Two more stalls are coming up in August. Subjects to focus on are: Run on Sun, fracking, TTIP and food. Membership information should be there at every stall and we could also carry promotional literature about Good Energy and Ecotricity, as not many people know about these companies.

The gazebo needs a small repair, as the handle is broken and it was felt that it should be taken back to the shop. It would be useful to have a flagpole for the stall. A base could be made with a milk bottle and water. Richard will try to purchase a flag pole costing no more than £30.

We need coloured pencils for children to colour in the pictures.If anyone has any unwanted crayons lying around, maybe they could add them to the stock of stuff for the stalls.

The next stalls subgroup meeting is on 4 August.