Campaigning News in Brief - July 2015

Unfortunately François was not present so there was no update. This matter was adjourned to the next meeting. John thanked Francois for all his hard work on this issue.

Green Commission
There was no information on this subject as Beatrice was at the Green Commission SHED talks which clashed with our meeting.

Child Friendly Green Film
John had not been able to find any family friendly environmental films. Richard suggested The Lorax, which is based on a Dr Seuss book. There might be some good Disney or Dogwoof films. All suggestions will be gratefully received. Walkley would be a good venue for the next festival.

It was felt that Sheffield FoE should have an agreed position on HS2, as the subject was broached by anti-HS2 campaigners at the Beighton stall. Opinions in the group are mixed but we will try to get national FoE's views on this campaign.

Paris Climate Meeting
On Sunday 29 November, the biggest climate protest ever will be taking place in London on the eve of the crucial Paris climate talks, which will take place from the 30th November to the 12th December. 

Around the world, in major cities, people will be coming together to demand that our governments take action to save our beautiful planet. Across the UK, people will be working together to make this the biggest, most poignant demonstration yet, and our unified voice will resonate across the globe to call for a serious change in policy attitudes towards the climate. 

Time to Act will be working alongside a variety of other groups and activists for mass mobilisation to really show solidarity with our French neighbours.

We hope to take part in the march and work with Sheffield Climate Alliance to promote the event.

We also hope to have a stall at the Climiate Alliance national conference in Sheffield on 19 September.

Liddy has received £100 from FoE. Can be spent on flagpoles and a printer cartridge if Kiran has not already spent this amount on other FoE items.