TTIP Campaign Update - June 2015

The EU was supposed to be voting on TTIP but it was postponed as there were too many amendments. The MEPs tried to force the vote but they missed it by two votes. There were various stunts:

  • On a national level the Yorkshire and Humberside network group against TTIP have been sharing information and lobbying MEPs. 25 of the group met with Richard Corbett Labour MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside to have ISDS removed but they still approve of TTIP. With all the letters and emails only Labour and UKIP have replied but non from the Conservatives.
  • Locally we will write letters to local MPs and the Yorkshire Post. As this is a network Francois will let us know when it is our turn.
  • In the US Obama has accepted the fast track but not all Republicans accept it. They are worried about jobs. At Basecamp it was suggested that we use this as a bargaining tool as it will not be signed until after the next election.
  • Sheffield has been declared as a no TTIP zone, but this is more of a supportive action rather than anything which can prevent TTIP.