Stall Update - June 2015

Hayley has contacted Lush but has not had a reply about holding a stall in their shop. We suggested waiting for a bit then resending the email.

There is a plan of all the stalls so far which we can sign up to. Please let Hayley know if you can help run these stalls. See our diary tab above for the stalls. Oughtibridge fair is fully booked so we could book the Firth Park or Dore fairs on Sunday 28th June. Hayley will look into this. Other fairs and festivals are around which we can look into. We must make sure that we do not over stretch ourselves.

Hayley will also look into consent forms and contact details for children’s photos.

We need a shopping list of equipment for running stalls:

  • Pens: Shaun has some.
  • Blutak: Hayley
  • Plastic wallets: Hayley
  • Weights for gazebo: Richard has bricks and stones plus string
  • Periscopic poles: not arrived yet but Richard has bamboo canes
  • Display boards: Beatrice to look at B&Q

The check list for the Run on Sun Day of Action taking place at Heeley fair on Saturday 20th June.

  • Costumes: not around yet but ordered
  • Eco-model: Shaun to bring if not wet
  • Membership leaflets
  • TTIP: Francois to bring information sheet and petition
  • SCA: they are to bring their own petition and stuff
  • Fracking: any information to bring along
  • New T-shirts and welcome pack ordered by Liddy