Group News - June 2015

Big Hairy Audacious Goal
We need ideas of what defines FoE. John has put forward the slogan of ‘Making the next generation better than the last one’. Could we put forward this one or have you got any better ones? National FoE are to be holding workshops; John will send details out later.

Local Group Survey
There is an extension until 28th June for us to let national FoE know what we've been up to. Over the past year we have had at least 6 new members, active members are around 12 on average and there have been on average monthly links with the press. Our diversity is very positive with regards to gender and age but we do not know about any other category.

Green Commission 
There will be a hearing in public on Thursday 18th June 5:30 in the Town Hall. All welcome but you have to book. More hearings are coming up so get in touch if you are interested.

Green Film
We've wanted a green film festival or indeed just one film which could be targeted at a much younger audience.  Can we all look around to see what film we could show? The Green Fingers children’s festival in Endcliffe park on 25/26 July might be a good place to go.

Wild Flower Seeds
Congratulations to Shaun and Helen on their marriage and thank you so much for the wild flower seeds. Let the love grow.