Food Campaign Update - June 2015

There was a meeting at Basecamp regarding the food campaign which John and Hayley attended. They suggested collecting green supplies from markets to show students how they can get good produce rather than going to supermarkets which can have a higher carbon footprint. National FoE liked our ideas and there could be extra funding for this and the ‘Get Gobby’ student campaign.

There is to be a report published on this campaign, but at the moment we are just at the planning stages. We might look at reducing meat consumption and working with other groups like People and Planet and Bristol FoE are working on a Eat Smart campaign with their ‘Flexitarian’ approach with restaurants. This would involve a more balanced menu with more vegetarian options.

For our stalls we would like to engage with a younger audience, engage more with food, stalls to have a meal, guess the carbon miles and compare this with a supermarket. If anyone else would like to become involved let John know.

The next meeting for the Food Subgroup is to be confirmed.