Well Being Training

Hayley and John went to London for Well Being training with Friends of the Earth. Hayley showed everyone the report she wrote about the event (see below). The group in general thought it was a great idea  but were unsure whether it suits the group and if we have the resources.

Hayley Roebuck, from Sheffield Friends of the Earth, tells us how it went:

There were over 20 of us there and we had a fantastic day. It gave us some great ideas on how to encourage people to work on improving wellbeing in our local communities.

A key skill to running a workshop is the wonderful art of facilitation. Two of us bravely stood up to be the facilitators for the afternoon’s trial workshop. This was an excellent opportunity as it meant we could practice our new skills in a shortened version of a workshop before applying them in the real world.

During the trial workshop we split into small groups to share ideas for improving wellbeing in our communities.

We heard from Manchester local group member Christina Donovan about the inspiring outcomes from their recent wellbeing workshop. This was followed by feedback about Liverpool Friends of the Earth’s workshop from Friends of the Earth’s campaigner Richard Dyer, who’d supported and facilitated that event.

I really appreciated getting the chance to speak to various wellbeing campaigners, including Francis Stuart, Research and Policy Advisor for Oxfam Scotland, and Larch Maxey and Florence Scialom from the Network of Wellbeing.

The event ended perfectly with a visit to the local pub - an opportunity to get to know fellow activists and network with a pint and a joke.

This day had turned out to be an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to try out facilitation in a safe environment was incredibly inspiring and has given me the motivation to organise a workshop in my local area, Sheffield. I cannot wait to begin working to make a better future for my community.

Read this blog from the Network of Wellbeing (NOW). We're very grateful to Florence and Larch from NOW for their support in planning and running the training day.