Wellbeing Workshop

Is economic growth alone the route to a better life? Friends of the Earth think not – and work is under way to create an alternative.

Ask a group of people: “What are the key things which contribute to your wellbeing?” Money – or a livelihood – will be in there as an answer. But so will many other things, including education, health, green space, leisure time and community. By establishing the components of wellbeing, we can start to guide policies towards improving wellbeing – not just increasing GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Friends of the Earth are working in partnership with the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) to develop local participative wellbeing workshops in communities around the country. The outcomes from these discussions will be used to campaign locally for action to improve wellbeing.

Hayley and John from Sheffield Friends of the Earth will be attending the Well Being workshop in London later in April. They will feedback to the group in May.

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