Yorkshire Gathering - March 2015

Several Sheffield Friends of the Earth volunteers went to the Yorkshire Gathering in Leeds on Staurday 14th March. Some of the key issues from the day were:

Scale up the Bee Worlds; we are doing this with our Bee Meadow. Nature Oxford is to produce a Clear Vision on Action on Bees. FoE are to arrange another Great Bee Count as it was so successful last year. The EU Directive is to be scrutinised by the UK government and we need to show that there is great public support for what we are doing in this respect.

Divestment is gathering pace. This is putting great pressure on banks as more people are asking where their money is being invested. Barclays Bank is being looked at in particular due to their involvement with the Fracking industry.

Renewable Energy Day and Powering Up North highlighted local projects and what challenges they faced. They are willing to share this information to help other groups. There is a booklet on Community Power in Scotland.