Run On Sun Sub Group Report - March 2015

The Run on Sun campaign sub group met up with people from Ecclesall Infant School to see if it could be viable to put solar panel on their school. Lots of information was left with the school for them too look at. They will get back in touch with us soon.

The Run on Sun group also talked to people at Hunters Bar School as they already have solar panels on their roof which was completed in conjunction with a 10:10 project. We think this could be used as a case study for other local schools who are worried about the process.

At the Yorkshire Gathering in Leeds there were more examples of case studies that we could use. Saltaire School in Bradford got a loan from the council and as it has proved so successful they are willing to put up £1,000,000 to fund more schools. Kiran will send all the information round so that we can all be kept up to date on the campaign. We are also looking into ways of contacting Sheffield City Council to see if they will also fund schools projects like Bradford. Beatrice will look into this.

We have both packs now: the local groups pack and the education pack so we are all ready to hand out information on stalls. We have had people sign the post cards but we need the post box for them to ‘post’. John will look into this. The ones that we have already got will get an email from us inviting them to our meetings.