Stalls Sub Group Report February 2015

The new gazebo has arrived as the old one was damaged by helicopters during the Tour de France. It weighs 30kg so will need two people to carry this. Thanks to Richard for organising this and for storing it at his house.

We appear to need two types of stalls. The guerrilla stall where one person can respond quickly and flexibly to an event using say; one table, and a bag of leaflets. The other is the main type which requires the gazebo, banners and flags, perhaps two tables, all leaflets (see below) required, the model or game, plus a big draw e.g. someone dressing up.

On either side of the stall will be perhaps two campaign items. The centre area on the table would be the model, something to target or draw the audience. The campaigns for this year are: Run on Sun, Bee Cause, Fracking, Food, Smithy Wood and Membership.

For the Banners we need 2x 6m telescopic poles. Hayley has sourced these for £16.50 and Liddy is to write a cheque for this. We also requested 2x chairs for the stall. Trisha has kindly donated one chair (Beatrice has it hopefully) has anyone else got one?

Display boards: We can use hard board which we can pin things to or use bluetak. Shaun has a telescopic frame which we could use later and adapt. Could we have printed copies of the newsletter to hand out on the stalls?

John will contact the people who run the Sharrow festival, Trisha will sort out the Food Festival at Sheffield Hallam University, Hayley will check who is organising this.

We discussed if we could have a gazebo party to work out how to put up the gazebo prior to any stalls and also to check through and throw out any old leaflets etc.?