Run on Sun Sub Group - February 2015

Kiran and Richard met and will circulate an action plan soon.

Richard has got the Sun on Sun leaflets but they are not for the local groups - more public focused. We suggested leaving it for a couple of days and email FoE again for the right pack. In the meantime we do have some things to give out if needed.

We now have a response from Nick Clegg which is positive about the campaign (this makes the total of 4 MPs supporting our campaign). Kiran has arranged a meeting with a governor from Ecclesall Junior School.

Our next steps are to draft and send a letter to school governors (Kiran and Richard). We will contact Hunters Bar Infants School (10:10 linked school with solar panels) and the council  to arrange a meeting  to discuss if they will offer interest free loans like Bradford Council for Saltaire Primary School (John from Baildon FoE has more details)

See for links to schools Sheffield Renewables are working with.

Richard has produced a Solar Panel Haiku

Rays falling on me
Create sparks on the inside.
POWER to your life!