Planning meeting for stalls and other events

Shaun put together a list of events, stalls and national days in 2015 for us to scrutinise.  A number of dates were put in our diaries for stalls and events that were identified as being something we want to get involved with. The full list can be found here but the official events we are involved with can be found under the Diary tab (see top of the website).

It was suggested that we form a sub group for planning these events and stalls. We need a focus to help draw people to the stall so that we can have further conversations about the issues that are important. The game on the Tour de France stall and the model, have both been mentioned as good ideas. The model does, however, take up a lot of room so we have to be aware of this when planning. The Run on Sun campaign has a dressing up item which could also act as a draw. The sub group to work on the planning aspects of stalls will comprise of Richard, John, Hayley, Shaun, Trisha and Liddy.We also still need a gazebo and after looking at the finances it was suggested that we buy a good quality one so that it will last. David will look into this. There was a discussion regarding insurance; Liddy will look into this.