Working with Local Groups

Dave Roberts mentioned that Friends of the Earth are carrying out a quick project to refine their long-term vision for mobilisation/activism, and ways of working to deliver it.  It is being headed by Friends of the Earth's head of activism, Neil Kingsnorth, The project is largely about getting staff on the same page - Friends of the Earth has had a considerable amount of dialogue with local groups on related matters in the last year or two so have a fair idea of what the groups think and want.

Friends of the Earth are looking for a couple of local group members to engage in the work over the next 6 weeks or so, to give their thoughts, check Friends of the Earth's thinking, review documents etc.  In particularly, Friends of the Earth is thinking that it would be good to go to local group members who have not been engaged in projects like this before.

Sheffield Friends of the Earth has been invited to take part in this process and Dave will be representing the group. Work should start in January 2015.