Peace and Craft Fair

Towards the end of the summer stall period we mentioned a number of ways to improve our stalls. After completing the Peace and Craft Fair Shaun mentioned a few issues and minor points that we might want to look at to improve future stalls.

  • Not all items for sale had a price. It can put people in an difficult position trying to guess a price when asked by members of the public. Shaun suggested producing a inventory of all items for sale with prices. 
  • Some items we have for sale weren't on the stall. Shaun suggested getting all items for sale together in one place. 
  • Unfortunately we couldn't sell cake as it had to be wrapped up. Shaun suggested removing the cake and the tray off the stall as it wasn't for sale. He suggested using the space for other items.
  • We didn't have a float on the stall and it was difficult to find change for customers. At the meeting it was pointed out that there was a float in the suitcase.
  • We seem to be taking things to the stall which have no relevance. For example, we took along face masks of the royal family used for a litter pick stunt. 
  • The Run on Sun campaign was meant to be the main focus but was hidden away and not promoted as much as it could have been. 
  • Leaflets facing wrong way.
  • Old re-used Christmas cards on-sale that look very worn. Shaun asked if people would really buy them. It was mentioned that we had sold 3 packets.
  • We used to note down what we had sold in the past but we don't have any records any more. 

It was suggested by the group that we:

  • Have a session to get all the items for sale together in one place with a pricelist.
  • Make sure that there is a knife if we have cake to sell.
  • Old Christmas cards – should not be for sale but giving them away is not really an option as people do not like taking them.
  • Sort of the cases. 
  • Suggested 1 campaign on stall at once as there is lots on the stall at once. John said Peace & Craft fair is run differently to other stalls as we try to sell things whereas most stalls tend to have only one or two campaigns at one time.
  • Suggested a new layout for run on sun campaign to promote it more. 
  • We can choose to have bigger stalls with more space.
  • We need to spend more time planning the stall and its look
  • Suggested getting a money box. Liddy will investigate this.
  • Suggested sorting out leaflets and removing old ones
  • Suggested sorting out the stall and making it more child friendly
  • Mentioned the model on the stall and if we had more space it would have been there
  • suggested having a game on the stall.