Film Festival

We are planning to screen another film festival in early 2015 (probably around March). The format will be similar to previous years, but we'd like to add a family friendly film on a Saturday to encourage younger people. John will investigate suitable films for children.

If you have any ideas about good films to screen then please let us know. Shaun mentioned a film called Racing Extinction which is due out in 2015. Francois mentioned Midway Island as a possible film about birds eating plastic.

To fund the event we still have a small amount of money left from the original co-op grant for last year's film festival. Our 40th birthday do generated a small profit so we'll contribute that towards the film festival. Kiran will also receive £100 from national Friends of the Earth to run her first campaign as part of her training.

Kiran mentioned that she has a lot of green films at the University of Sheffield's student union. This means we'd only have to buy the licences and not the actual DVD. See link for a list of films.

It was suggested that we could use either Walkley Community Centre or the United Reformed Church as they both have good facilities for films and making drinks.

The film festival will be on the agenda at the next meeting.