Stalls Update - October 2014

Peace and Craft Fair
The Peace and Craft fair takes place on Saturday 1st November from 10am until 4pm. If anyone can help please let us know. It was suggested that we have a sign-up sheet if anyone would like their school to have solar panels. Beatrice will sort this out.

Join Friends of the Earth Booklets
Shaun has produced a leaflet which will slip into the booklet that Andy Atkins brought up with him. This gives information about how to join Sheffield Friends of the Earth.

We've had a Gazebo for a long time and it has served us well on many stalls in all weather conditions. However, it's now in a very sad state. The draught from the helicopters during the Tour de France stall lifted it up and threw it over the 10 ft. security fence. The frame is badly bent and several screws holding it together are missing. It was decided that we buy a new one. Shaun and David will look on line for replacements and send this round. Once we have a short list we can go and look. Report back at the next meeting.