40th Birthday - Pre Party Meeting

Just before Sheffield Friends of the Earth’s 40th birthday party, Andy Atkins (Director of Friends of the Earth) met with local group members to find out what we are up to and how Friends of the Earth can help us with our campaigning.

Andy Atkins showed genuine insight and wanted to know what we were doing. He will be sending out an email to National Friends of the Earth members that live in Sheffield to indicate what we are doing as a local group, especially if we are holding an event. He is particularly interested in co fundraising. This will be a good indicator that the local groups are autonomous and not linked directly to anything on a national level. He was particularly interested in our idea that leaflets should be family orientated. He explained that fracking is not a national campaign as it is not affecting every local group. Therefore it was accepted that Run on Sun will be the main campaign. As a local group we can still push ahead with our anti fracking campaign as it does affect us and we have had such a success so far.