Next Stall
There is a stall on Sunday 18th October at Walkley Library to support Jude and her book launch following on from our 40th Anniversary. David, Francois, Beatrice and Freya will be there. Please get in touch if you can help out.

Eco City Model
The model eco city has been a great success, drawing adults and children to the stall. Shaun has produced a ‘game’ sheet so that people can engage more with it. This is aimed at all age groups as the younger ones will have parents with them to explain things. It is a great talking point.

It was suggested that we put in a model of a electric hybrid stagecoach bus. They are on sale for around £50. It was suggested that we contact Stagecoach to see if they will provide us with one for free. Beatrice is to look into whether we can do this or not.

Making Stalls Better
At our last stall in Ecclesfield it was decided that we need to improve our stalls as lots of items were missing. We need the following:

  • We need a long armed stapler to fasten signs to the gazebo. It was suggested that we look on freecycle to see if anyone has one before we buy. 
  • Trisha has done a long list of things that we need for every stall, can we make sure that all the things are there beforehand. Richard is to hold all the boxes and suitcase so we know where everything is. 
  • Can we have a leaflet for Smithy Wood and Fracking to hand out at stalls? Also, one for our 40th Anniversary. We need to contact FoE to get a leaflet for the Run on Sun so that we can give that out. 
  • The gazebo is broken. We will hold a gazebo mending party at Richard’s on Sunday 28th September. Shaun or Beatrice to take the gazebo to Richard’s house.