40th Birthday Party

We need to sell more tickets for our 40th birthday party as October is not too far away. Beatrice has asked that it be put out on the national Friends of the Earth email list. A note went around attached to the Smithy Wood email but it would be better if another one went out as a separate item.

We need to emphasize that tickets need to be bought in advance so that we can sort out the catering. When purchasing tickets you will need to included a stamped address envelope so we can send you the tickets. We are not expecting to make a profit from this event so we can't afford 80 second class stamps.If no stamped address envelope is provided with your order then your tickets will be available to collect on the door.

We held a brain storming session to think of other people/groups to invite:
a. We need to send an email to all local groups asking if they would like to come.
b. Ask local green groups
c. Ask council members.
d. Friends and relatives.
e. Print off posters
f. Link with What’s on Sheffield
g. Link with Sheffield Forum
h. Twitter account (John)

Shaun, Richard and Jude will host another sub group meeting to work out the finer details for the night.