Tour De France

We now have a stall at Coronation Park, Oughtibridge. Richard, John, Steve, Shaz (Birmingham FoE), Trisha and David will be helping on the day. Accreditation for us on stall plus Beatrice will sort out ID.

For the stall we have, Sheffield cycle maps, 50 copies of FoE transport policy, other things from FoE shop, urban cycle guide, posters, pictures of good and bad cycle lanes and cycle board games (Beatrice to print larger copy). Greenpeace have mentioned that they have poster boards that we could borrow (Beatrice to contact them),

We need tables, t-shirts, gazebo and stuff on site by 9am on the day. Beatrice will take it in her car but will need things beforehand. Beatrice to contact Bob Worm  regarding contents and 2 tables.

Tour de France group to meet on 30th June 7-7:30 start at Red Deer to finalise details.