40th Birthday

Richard has tickets and we should now actively promote their selling so that it will be a success. See the 40th Birthday tab above if you want more details about the event and want to buy tickets (there are limited numbers so first come first served).

We have Andy Atkins (Executive Director of National FoE) coming. He will be a link to the past, present and future, local, national and international. Jude Warender is to hold her book launch. Her late husband did many illustrations on environmentalism and this is to celebrate his work. They helped to start up Sheffield FoE 40 years ago and it is very fitting that she is there. We discussed having around 10 books on a sale or return basis to sell elsewhere. Shaun will arrange a planning meeting with Jude in Aug/Sept.

Shaun will organise his video on 40 years of Sheffield FoE to be played on a loop.

Steve will contact his musician friends if they would like to play. Richard will contact "What 4" an a cappella quartet from Todmorten which played at Basecamp. John will try contacting Chris from the Treebeard group.

We need to invite an audience along with other FoE groups so Beatrice will contact other group coordinators. She will also organise a Fackbook event group. Twitter will be taken care of by John.

Richard will contact Reclaim the Power and SCA.
We can also contact local councillors and green groups. Could we also contact our local MPs?