Film Festival 2014

The Arts Tower is a good venue in terms of size. We have had 20 people on average and it does not feel crowded or too empty. But the projector keeps cutting out half way. Francois suggested that we touch a key or mouse to stop the computer thinking that no one is around. The films so far have been well received although no one put any more in the donations box. Last film included a family; could this be a good idea for a family friendly film next time?

Other problems:
the projector has white dots showing on the screen.
the venue is difficult to find, you have to go down three floors into the bowels of the Arts tower.
it is the wrong time of the year as there is so much more going on and there are clashes.
No one wants to buy cakes so we have not made money from this.

It is suggested that we go to the United Reform Church next year. Also, we will still have some money left over from the donation from the Cooperative Bank so we could have another Film Festival in February.