We currently have about £700 in the bank and we receive about £10 each month in standing orders. Although we have enough money to fund our planned campaigns we will be very short of cash towards the end of the year. If you are able to help, we appreciate both one-off and regular donations, but the regular donors are particularly helpful as enables us to plan knowing we have resources coming in.

The funding will help to purchase the following items:

  • Buy the case for the eco-model to be shown on stalls
  • Buy the licences for our film festival
  • Buy a flag pole(s) for our stalls and demonstrations
  • Run Tour de France cycle campaigns.
  • Funding for the 40th birthday work.
  • Pay for stalls. Each one typically costs between £10-£30.
  • Pay for the licence agreement with National Friends of the Earth
  • Pay for our website domain name.

Please click on the donations tab above if you can help us.
Thank you for your support