Other News - October 2013

Off the Shelf Festival
Shaun is attending the Off the Shelf festival on Wednesday 30th October for a presentation about the University of Sheffield’s Project Sunshine. See http://shine.sheffield.ac.uk/ for more details

40th Birthday 
Next year will be Sheffield Friends of the Earth’s 40th birthday. Shaun is currently reviewing the newsletters from the 1980s to find out what we were campaigning on. Our plan is to contact the Sheffield Star to see if they would like to write a retro article about our group and publish some of our old photographs. Jon Baker kindly offered to get in touch with Jude Warrender to see if she can provide us with details of the 1970s.

Christmas Party
Our December meeting at the Red Deer pub will start earlier at 7pm so we can discuss business before eating our Christmas meal at 8pm. If you would like to join us for the Christmas meal then please get in touch with Liddy (see contacts). The menu hasn't been published yet but we’ll post more details nearer to Christmas.

Bank Account
If the Co-operative bank becomes less ethical when it is taken over then we might have to consider moving to a different bank. We are currently looking for other banking options.