Low Carbon Network - October 2013

Friends of the Earth are launching a Low Carbon Network for companies in the renewable energy sector. The aim is to unite efforts in campaigning for a clean energy future and to create jobs and boost growth in the industry.

The latest campaign asked the companies to add their names to the statement below in support of decarbonising the power sector by 2030:

“We support Lord Oxburgh KBE’s amendments to the Energy Bill to set a target in 2014 to decarbonise our power supply by 2030, in line with Committee on Climate Change advice. Our industry will face an uncertain future without long-term Government commitment to a low carbon economy. Delaying setting a target, as Government has proposed, risks undermining the enormous jobs and growth potential of the UK’s low-carbon industries. We urge Ministers to accept Lord Oxburgh’s amendments.”

A while back, Shaun produced a list of local green companies and it was suggested that we send the details to Friends of the Earth in London so they can be invited to join the network. John will send a copy of this list to the London office.