Our next stall will be at the Peace and Craft Fair inside Sheffield Town Hall so a warm and dry day is guaranteed!  The event will start at 11am until 4.30pm. If you are able to help out on the stall for an hour or so then please get in touch. So far Richard, Trisha, John and Liddy will be there.

We need more leaflets (Beatrice will ask about this). We have the Frack Free South Yorkshire petition, bee leaflets/petition, veggie, Christmas recipes, edibles (we used to have some from Oxfam, Richard suggested that we get some from FoE shop, he is to look into this), rosemary, lavender bags, recycle bags (Beatrice has been knitting bags out of plastic bags so if anyone else wants to make some then ask for instructions ).

Shaun mentioned that we have two Friends of the Earth flags and offered to investigate the cost of telescopic flag poles to make us more visible at our summer stalls.