Other Business - September 2013

Bill McGibbon is coming to give a talk in Birmingham. Can we organise a trip down to see him?

We will not invite Andy Atkins, Friends of the Earth’s director, to visit us this year as it will be more appropriate to invite him next year when it is our 40th birthday. David is taking the lead on this

Tony Bosworth, John to phone up to see if he can come to the next meeting

Shaun mentioned that the IPCC will report later this month and that we need to respond to the junk science
and comments already filling the pages of the Daily Mail and other climate denying media. We could write letters to the Star supporting the IPCC report about climate change rather than the deniers getting all the attention.

It was mentioned that the Conservative party will hold their annual conference later in September.

There are plans to build a new service station near the M1. Perhaps we can organise a petition against this.

We will add our 40th birthday to the next agenda so we can start planning some events for next year’s party. If you have any old photos of the group could you please contact Shaun as we would like to take a copy.

Our Christmas party needs to be added to our next agenda.