Other News in Brief - August 2013

Base Camp
We were asked for feedback on the Basecamp conference several members attended in the summer. A number of comments were received and these will be passed back to national FoE.

South Yorkshire Local Nature Partnership
Richard might pull out of this partnership as it doesn't have any money or resources to do anything and he doesn’t want the group to decide on something that Friend of the Earth disagrees with.

Stalls & Events
We have a stall in Ecclesfield on Sunday 1st September from 12-5. If you can spare an hour of your time to help us then please get in touch.

David is investigating a large banner for the stall. Initial research indicates it might cost about £72. David is going to contact national FoE to see if they can provide us with a cheaper banner.

John is still planning to organise a music gig as a fundraising event later this year.

If you would like to make a donation to help fund our group it will be very much appreciated. We need cash to run stalls, buy a banner, organise next year’s film festival and much more. Please see the donations tab.