Fracking Update - August 2013

Jon Baker came straight to our meeting after travelling back from Balcombe where he spent 4 days campaigning against fracking. He mentioned that about 82% of the village were against fracking and many mixed groups are down there protesting. He told us how 10 police forces were involved and some officers haven’t got any ID badges – this has lead to several official complaints. The police have made many arrests including the Green MP Caroline Lucas.

John will be sending a letter to local councillors asking for a frack free Sheffield. At the moment the council can decide if fracking is allowed or not, but we believe that the government might take over in the near future to grant permission.

It was mentioned that Labour councillor Jack Scott is to write a policy paper on fracking for the local party. We hope it will be against fracking.

John is to obtain more fracking information, leaflets and petitions for our stalls.

National Friends of the Earth campaigner and fracking expert, Tony Bosworth, will be joining us at our meeting in September to discuss fracking campaigns.