Energy Bill Update – June 2013

A bid to include a target to decarbonise the UK's electricity generation by 2030 was narrowly defeated in the House of Commons on Tuesday 4th June 2013. The amendment to the energy bill, proposed by the former Tory minister Tim Yeo, was voted down by 290 votes to 267, though several Tories and Lib Dems backed the measure against the coalition's line. It was one of the narrowest victories for the government in a whipped vote during this parliament.

We believe all Sheffield MPs voted for the amendment with the exception of Nick Clegg and David Blunkett. David has informed us that he had a prior engagement which meant he couldn't vote. We have decided to send a letter to Nick letting him know that we aren't pleased with his vote. If you feel the same way then please feel free to send a letter to him. A suggestion can be found below:

Dear Nick Clegg,

We recently wrote to you asking for you to support decarbonisation as part of the Energy Bill. We are now writing again to note our disappointment at both you and your party’s failure to do so.

We know the Liberal Democrats are fully aware of the devastating effect climate change will have on the world’s poor. 

We are also sure you are aware the positive impact investment in renewable energy could have on the UK and the Yorkshire and Humber region. Long term investment would lead to sustainable skilled jobs and provide a major boost the UK’s ailing economy. In order to achieve such investment, a decarbonisation target is vital.

It is a shame that you and the majority of Liberal Democrat MPs did not follow the decarbonisation policy set at the last Liberal Democrat conference. The Liberal Democrats have previously been seen as the greenest major party, however with the current level of inaction this seems to not hold true anymore. 

We therefore wish to remind you of the importance a government set target for decarbonisation of the energy sector for Sheffield, the UK those at risk of hunger around the world. We hope that the Liberal Democrats will match green rhetoric with action in the future. 

Yours sincerely,