Make it Better - May 2013 Update

Friends of the Earth having taken a 1-0 lead with the bee pesticide ban took the score to 2-0 with a win against Samsung. You might have seen in the media that we forced the world's biggest-selling smart-phone maker to confirm that it uses forest-trashing tin in its products. Persuading a multi-billion pound company like Samsung to delve deep into its supply chain and hang out its dirty laundry in public is an amazing achievement. Samsung hasn't just gone public about its use of Bangka Island's tin - where tin mining is destroying tropical forests, coral reefs and livelihoods.

The company has said it will work together with other companies and governments to improve the situation on Bangka. This has the potential to make a real difference. But actions speak louder than words, so we need to let it know that we expect it to commit to a firm plan to protect the people and environment of Bangka.

This isn't the end of the story as we will start to concentrate our attention on Apple.