Clean British Energy - Green Jobs

On Saturday 13th October, a famous political advert from the 1970s was recreated outside Sheffield Town Hall as part of our campaign to create jobs in green industries. The stunt was inspired from the Saatchi and Saatchi ‘Labour Isn’t Working’ advert that helped win Margaret Thatcher the 1979 general election.

Many volunteers from Sheffield Friends of the Earth, other green groups, businesses and concerned citizens wore green hard hats and held solar panels.

The Sheffield Star featured our press release before the stunt but we didn't receive any publicity with our photos outside the Town Hall. See the article here 

"Green Is Working" day of action outside Sheffield Town Hall 

Maureen Edwards from Sheffield Friends of the Earth said, "There needs to be more done to make people aware of the dreadful effects of the ‘Dash for Gas’ if this is allowed in the forthcoming Energy Bill. The alternative of investing in renewable energy would create jobs, prevent fuel bills continuing to rise astronomically and make UK far more self-sufficient in its energy needs".

If you are interested in holding stalls outside Howden House on different days of the week for the CBE campaign then please contact Maureen on