Conference - An economy for people and the planet

The local groups' Conference was held between the 14-16 September – Everyone enjoyed the weekend and each attendee from our group has written a short piece on their favourite part:

An economy for people and the planet – How on Earth do we get there?

Lidy Nacpil (Freedom from Debt Coalition - Philippines/Jubilee South) was on the panel at this session, she also addressed the conference rally – Time to see things differently.

The panel were asked - What’s your big idea for how we can move to a fair and sustainable economy? What needs to change, and how will we change it? 

Lidy spoke passionately about the need to no longer wait for governments to change things. We need to change things ourselves and let governments follow. We need to build a global campaign for Climate Justice that includes people occupying the land, to stop developers moving in and wrecking it. Land should be commonly owned including its resources. People should use the land in a sustainable way that is democratically decided. 

There was a clear recognition and a constant theme running through conference that the current economic system would lead us to environmental disaster. People campaigning for a fairer, more equitable economic system and those looking to build a more sustainable future are in common cause.

Richard Souter