At our November meeting, Tim Padmore, from Biofuelwatch came to speak to us about the impact bio fuels are having on the environment. He explained that the government is completing a consultation on the Renewables Obligations Certificates which are used to provide a subsidy for power from bioliquid and biomass power stations. Biofuelwatch are urging people to lobby their MP’s about why bioliquid and biomass should not receive a subsidy. The great majority of these biofuels are imported which leads to land being lost for food production in poorer countries and more greenhouse gas emissions than locally sourced biomass.  Compared with other types of renewables, biofuels create pollution and CO2.  This is a very important campaign against giving a subsidy (paid for by consumers) to an unsustainable means of producing energy.  For more details and access to the letters to send to your MP and the Dept of Energy and Climate Change go to