Final Demand

Final Demand is Friends of the Earth’s new energy campaign.  Its aim is to put the UK on a path to zero-carbon electricity by 2030 in the next two years – with a massive ramp up of green energy and a slashing of the amount we use.

The Big Six energy companies control 99% of the household energy we use, and own more than two thirds of our power stations.  They sell energy to themselves.  They are hooked on ever-more expensive and imported fossil fuels while scoring record profits.  The government has already started slashing support for new, clean, local energy schemes.

Next year the Government plans to reform the electricity market but there is no commitment to the Committee on Climate Change’s goal of almost zero-carbon electricity by 2030.

By a combination of petition signing, lobbying MPs and publicity both national and local, Friends of the Earth hopes to achieve a wholesale change in the debate.

The Feed in Tariff Scheme (FITs) supports independent clean energy projects such as wind turbines and solar panels.  In just a year this scheme led to almost 60,000 renewable energy projects and created 22,000 jobs.  Improving our homes so they’re better insulated would prevent illness, save money on fuel bills and create jobs.

Consumer Focus estimates that the latest round of energy price increases put over one million extra households into fuel poverty so 1 in 4 households won’t be able to afford to heat their homes properly.

A new model of energy generation is needed where homes, businesses, communities, and even towns produce low carbon energy, freeing themselves from high bills at the same time as transforming the nation’s energy supply.  This will slash both our energy waste and our energy bills.  Investing in clean energy and cutting energy waste will mean cheaper bills in 2020 than if we carry on as we are.

David Cameron is being asked to:

Launch an independent public inquiry into the Big Six’s power over consumers and influence over politicians.
Not axe support for clean British energy produced by communities, councils, business and householders.

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