Waste Campaign

From yoghurt pots to CDs, we know that people across the UK are fed up with having to bin so much rubbish and much of it could be avoided in the first place if companies cut unnecessary packaging and products were built to last.  The Government is now deciding what to do about the nation's rubbish and the results of this Waste Review are due in May, so we have a massive opportunity to push for an ambitious goal to halve household 'black bag' waste by 2020. We're also asking for a similar goal for businesses to cut the amount of waste they bury and burn.

To make the campaign visible to the Government, several members of Sheffield Friends of the Earth joined a spoof version of David Cameron outside the Town Hall to call for a 50% reduction in household waste. The stunt obtained press coverage and the photograph below in the Sheffield Star.

For more details of the campaign see www.foe.co.uk/what_we_do/talking_half_rubbish_27167.html