David Blunkett & Ed Milliband

David Blunkett
As part of the Big Climate Connection, Beatrice joined forces with a few other people and made an appointment to see what David Blunkett is prepared to do about environmental issues.

He has written to Chris Hulne requesting that he change the UK's approach to funding developing countries to go through the UN rather than the World Bank.

The £12 million PFI scheme to improve Sheffield's roads and sewers is in category B which means that it will definitely go ahead but it is not the highest priority. It has been postponed until 2012 and he suggested that a campaign to include a city wide cycle network could be well timed and successful. He also suggested that the Universities be involved in a project to advise how the cycle network might best be implemented and advise on the most efficient form of street lighting that reduces light pollution.

Regarding Penistone road, David said that he would write to the council requesting urgent air quality monitoring. He has  requested further information on the Sheffield Car Club

He agreed that he will request minimum energy efficiency standards for the private rented sector so that by 2016 the most inefficient homes (below Band F and G) cannot be let.

David stated that he thought something would have to be done to provide training and employment for people but he did not state that he would vote for a Green New Deal.

It was agreed that both David Blunkett and   the attendees would continue to put pressure on the relevant people to tackle climate change.

Ed Milliband
Sheffield Friends of the Earth were asked to put forward a couple of questions to Ed Milliband at an event being run by the Sheffield Star. We could have met up with Ed at the meeting but all our active members were working.