Group News Winter 2009 - Spring 2010

Peace in the Park
Sheffield Friends of the Earth were approached by the Peace in the Park festival committee asking if our group would like to be put forward to be nominated  to be one of the charitable causes at this year's festival. Beatrice gave a 2 minute presentation to the committee but unfortunately our bid was rejected. Nevertheless, we will be running a stall at Peace in the Park on Saturday 12 June. Please get in touch if you can help out or know of any other stalls we could attend.

Green Fair
This year will see the 25th Sheffield Green Fair. It will take place from 11am-5pm, Saturday 26th June at St. Mary's Community Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield. If you can help out with running a stall for a couple of hours then please get in touch with our coordinator.

Thanks to Ed Cartledge, Sheffield Friends of the Earth are now on Facebook. Why not join us by searching for “Sheffield Friends of the Earth” and adding us as a friend.  Please ask other people to join our social networking site too.

Litter Pick
Last year Sheffield Friends of the Earth carried out a little pick at the bottom of Esslesall Road near to the Waitrose store. As the area is back to its former shame the group has decided to clean it up again.  We hope to obtain some media coverage of the event to boost our local profile. 

Photographic Exhibition
All Friends of the Earth groups were offered the use of 30 large photos (2ft x 3ft) for use in climate change exhibitions. The photos covered five sections: the warming of the Earth and the key cause, the changing climate, how the changing climate is changing our world, human impacts and solutions. As we had other campaigns to work on we had to pass on this offer.

New Co-ordinator
Beatrice Greenfield has replaced Trisha Brutus as the group coordinator after a year in the post. Trisha will now take over the roll of organising stalls. Steve Goodacre is taking on the  task of raising the group’s profile with the press and media whilst Liddy Goyder remains the group treasurer. Shaun Rumbelow will continue as the IT person responsible for email, the website and the newsletter.

New Members
The group has seen a number of new active members. We have also gained more members on our email system.

New E-mail Address
We have introduced new email addresses to prevent having to reprint leaflets when volunteers change their email address or people leave their roles.

The Northern Gathering 2010
Bookings are now open for the Northern Gathering 2010, our annual residential weekend for local campaigners from across the North.  This year it takes place at Haworth Youth Hostel on 8-9 May. There is an exciting agenda planned - from local elections to international action.
The event is for all local group members from across the North, as well as newcomers who are interested in finding out more about what Friends of the Earth is working on locally and how they can get involved. Don't worry if it's the first of our events you've come too - you won't be alone.  Please contact our coordinator if you are interested in attending.