At our February meeting we discussed options for hosting another film night after the success of Dilraj’s screening of the Age of Stupid at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

We discussed screening "The End of the Line" which is about the impact of industrial-scale fishing on the world's fish stocks, and "Manufactured Landscapes" a film about recycling in China and the impact of industrialisation on the Chinese landscape.

Shaun contacted Sony to find out if we could show “Who killed the electric Car” but it would have cost us £100 for a screening permit. At the moment we haven’t decided on what to do for the next film screening but hopefully a decision will be made after the Hustings campaign.

Friends of the Earth publicised a new environmental comedy called Beyond the Pole featuring Helen Baxendale. The showroom cinema ran the film from the 19th to the 25th March but as we were too busy with the Hustings event we were unable to organise a stall or local publicity.