Sheffield Car Show 2009

Maureen’s electric G-Wiz car was rolled out once more for the 3rd annual City Centre Motor Show which took place on Sunday 2nd August. Despite feeling a little quieter this year we managed to hand out leaflets on electric cars ranging from the G-Wiz to the top end Tesla cars. Other leaflets were provided on transport related topics like Peak Oil, Vehicle to Grid energy storage, fuel saving tips and the best cars to purchase if one is required. Other leaflets focused on renewable energy like wind power and concentrating solar power for providing the electricity to charge the electric vehicles.

Sheffield Friend of the Earth members Shaun, Maureen and Vicky also promoted our Get Serious climate change campaign and managed to get a few post cards signed.

Before going home, Maureen discovered a gentleman using an electric van in Sheffield and she also gave a live interview on Radio Sheffield when she went head to head with a group of bikers.

Besides Sheffield Friends of the Earth promoting greener motoring, The Energy Saving Trust was on hand to promote ways of saving energy both at home and in the car.

Tesla Electric Cars