Group News May - Aug 2009

Leaflet Distribution
Last year it was revealed that anyone distributing leaflets in Sheffield city centre without an official badge could be fined up to £2,500 by Sheffield City Council. Badges giving permission to leaflet were reported to
cost £50 a month or £75 for a year per person. As this could seriously impact our campaign work we contacted the council to find out if we were expected to pay. It turns out that charity and voluntary groups are exempt from the charges.

New Co-ordinator
At our AGM meeting in April, Steve Goodacre stepped down as the co-ordinator after many years of hard work. Steve has been replaced by Trisha Brutus who will no doubt carry on the good work. Liddy has been re-elected as the treasurer.

Burngreave Fair
Green City Action have invited us to run a stall at Abbeyfield Park in Burngreave from 12-4pm on Sunday 31st May. If you can help out on the day then please let us know. Newsletter Format We have reduced the number of pages in the newsletter as most information is now distributed by email and less time writing the newsletter results in more time for campaigning. Please let us know what you think.