Saving Money and Saving the Planet

As part of the Sheffield Environment Weeks, Sheffield Friends of the Earth has decided to host a public meeting focusing on what people can do to help save the planet in the time of a recession. The event called Saving Money & Saving The Planet will take place on Monday 18th May in the upstairs meeting room at the Red Deer pub. This will replace our normal monthly meeting.

Steve Goodacre will Chair the meeting and give three speakers from Pagets Building Merchants, Whizz Go Car Club and Heeley City Farm the opportunity to talk about energy, buildings and transport. We are still looking for someone to talk about food. As we would like to learn about other planet and money saving ideas, a number of prizes will be offered for the best ideas. We produced a number of flyers for the event and distributed them at the official launch of the Sheffield Environment Weeks on Saturday 25 May.

Please join us at this event and why not bring a friend?