Age of Stupid

The new eco-film, The Age of Stupid, features Pete Postlethwaite and is based in a future ravaged by climate change. It looks back and asks why we didn’t do anything about it. The film went on release in late March at the Showroom in Sheffield. We agreed with the cinema to host a stall inside to promote the work we are doing on climate change. A number of people from our group helped out on a couple of days. The good news is that Franny Armstrong, the film’s director, gave a talk at the Sheffield screening and the film was given an extra week’s showing. The next stage of the campaign will happen in late May when anyone can apply for a licence to show the film. We are checking whether there will be a cost for Friends of the Earth groups. We are thinking of ways of linking the showing of this film to our new Get Serious campaign - we might show the film to councillors. If you have any other ideas then please let us know.

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