Other News December 2008

A few members from Sheffield Friends of the Earth attended the inter-agency conference on climate change at the Quaker Meeting House. By all accounts it was a useful meeting as many non-green members turned up and got involved.

Peace and Craft Fair
Sheffield FoE attended the 2008 Peace and Craft fair to sell eco-friendly stock and promote our work. We spent about £24 ordering more leaflets, 100 free FoE pens and some re-use labels for Christmas cards and envelopes.

Local Groups’ Conference
Unfortunately, no one from the Sheffield group was able to attend the 2008 local groups’ conference.

FOE Regional Gathering
Friends of the Earth  will be holding a Regional Gathering for all local group members from Yorkshire and the Humber on 17 January 2009. The venue will most likely be in Leeds. Come along to network with other local activists, share and develop campaigning skills, meet Friends of the Earth staff and learn about our upcoming national campaigns. Refreshments are provided, and it's free as well!  To book a place, contact Jess Dolan or Louise Hazan (louise.hazan@foe.co.uk 0121 643 8017) or (jess.dolan@foe.co.uk 0113 389 9964). Please let us know in the Sheffield group if you are planning to attend.

Green New Deal Conference
Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change will be hosting a conference on the Green New Deal on Saturday February 28 2009 at St Mary's Community Centre. They are hoping to have key note speakers and a debate about  the Green New Deal programme. A key outcome would be the creation of a local Green New Programme for sustainable development.
For more details about the Green New Deal see  the New Economics web site at

Whilst Sheffield Friends of the Earth is not a political party, we have been asked by the Green Party if any of our members would like to be their next candidate for the  Broomhill area of the city. The Green Party will be targeting this ward as a key seat so they are on the look out for good quality candidates . Contact  Jon on 2661512 for more details.

Our group has spent money recently on ordering new stock and leaflets for our stalls. We’ve also spent money on stamps and postage for the renewables campaign.

We pledged to financially support the Inter Agency conference on climate change. In the end, our donation wasn’t require so we have donated £50 to help pay for the coach to December’s climate march in London.  As none of our members could make the march we felt this was an appropriate way to lend our support.

We have a number of old slides dating back to the 1970s and maybe 1980s. Does anyone have the ability to transfer slides to a computer? If so please get in touch. If we aren’t able to convert the slides to digital media, does anyone have any suggestions to what we do with the slides?