The Poor Suffer First

Maureen has been busy as our link person organising a conference called The Poor Suffer First – Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change which takes place on Saturday 22nd November from 9am until 4pm. The event hopes to highlight the effect that Climate Change has on the poorest in the developing world, the causes of climate change (economic injustice, militarism and the lifestyle of industrialised nations) and the effects. It also aims to inform on the positive steps being taken to counteract climate change and alleviate its effects, particularly the active role of the local communities

The inter-agency conference (partly sponsored by Sheffield Friends of the Earth) is to be held at the Quaker Meeting House where there will be three speakers and two workshop sessions. The speakers include Paul Rogers (Professor of Peace Studies University of Bradford and Consultant, Oxford Research Group), Ruth Tanner (Senior Campaigns Officer, War on Want) And Lindsey Pearson (Christian Aid). The speeches will focus on the topics, Responding to Climate Change, Corporate Power and Resource Wars, and  Positive action - NGOs Working with Local Communities. The workshop topics to choose from include, how women are affected by climate change; The impact of military conflict; The role of the UN Food security, agribusiness and biofuels; Clean, safe, accessible water – who owns it?; and Think globally, act locally.

 Booking fees range from £2 to £6. If you would like more details, or would like to book a place, please contact:

Cliff Crellin
10 Dalebrook Court
Belgrave Road
S10 3JJ
or e-mail to:
0114 230 2102